I changed sites! 

Hey guys, if you didn’t know I changed to my new site www.romanyandchai.com awhile back. I no longer post to this one so I would appreciate it you changed your subscriptions 🙂 Thank you, Daria xx

Monkeys in the Snow

  In the heart of the northern forests of Japan, amongst the trees and the snow, we will find a colony of critters that bear a lot of resemblance to our kind. The way they move, eat, and show affection, not to mention the pure tranquility written all over their faces as they soak in nature’s hot … More Monkeys in the Snow

Hakuba Diary

Greetings from Hakuba! An amazingly interesting and incredibly freezing part of Japan, a town I quickly fell in love with. Pack your warmest underwear, as this is a snowsports-oriented town, meaning peak tourist season would be in winter (December-February). While Hakuba attracts many tourists from all around the world, and many Canadian and Australian workers can speak English, … More Hakuba Diary

From Russia, With Love

 After an uneventful stopover in Bruges (although I did have an incredible hot chocolate, because Belgian chocolate, come on!) it was time to fly to RUSSIA! My birthplace, motherland and childhood sweetheart. I was born in the Russian Federation, and came to live in Australia in 2001, having only been back once in 2008. So understandably, … More From Russia, With Love

Cheese and Clogs

I was practically wetting myself with excitement at the prospect of visiting Amsterdam. It did not disappoint one bit- it was just as stunning in real life as it appeared in photographs. On our way to the great city we visited a clog and cheese factory. A clog is an airy, noisy wooden shoe that apparently … More Cheese and Clogs

Ich Liebe Berlin

Where do I start with this alluring city? Berlin was one of those places I had long craved to see. Having studied German history in high school, I was dying to see those world heritage sites and immerse myself in the history of this great place. For architecture buffs, Berlin is teaming with fresh and … More Ich Liebe Berlin

Czech Mate

Otherwise known as the ‘Paris of the Czech Republic’ (I may or may not have made this up, but I’m almost certain I read this somewhere). Romantic in its character and exquisite in its architecture, Prague is more than just a party destination for travellers. This intoxicating city was one of my favourites on this trip- … More Czech Mate